Bonding With Families For Over Forty Years

Chester (Chet) Pearce opened a Bail Bond business over forty years ago. In the early hours of March 9th, 2011, Chet Pearce, Martinsville, Indiana, lost his courageous battle. In just four weeks, Chet was diagnosed with a brain tumor after already a valiant fight against cancer. On September 2 1962 Chet and Marilyn welcomed their first and only son, Mitchell. Ten years ago Mitch made his father so proud when he & friend Fred Dennis refurbished Chet’s beloved home place, Wonder Hill Farms. Mitch isn’t stopping there though. This 3rd Generation Bail Bondsman knows nobody can fill the shoes of Chet, but Mitch is going to do his best to offer the same personal service that his Father did. Chet's goal was to help everyone in need. After his passing, the team at Associated Bail Bonds carries on Chat's wish by helping families in troubled times. Associated Bail Bonds strives on taking care of families during the Bail Bond process.

How Bail Bonds Work

We understand the Bail Bond process can be confusing to say the least. The process of a Bail Bond is to acquire a persons release from jail for a fee set by the judiciary system. By taking that fee a Bondsman is insuring that the person (defendant) will appear in court on the date set by the system. Some Bail Agencies or Bondsman will lead you to believe that they have the “Lowest Rates Allowed by Law”, the fact is the fee of 10% of the set bond is the ONLY rate that can be charged and is set by the State of Indiana. It is illegal for a Bondsman to charge any more or any less , and cannot take a partial payment for the Bond.

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