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Integrity and trust are the biggest factors. You are literally trusting your bail bond agent with your life. That includes your valuables and the future of your loved ones. A good bail bond agent is a professional who needs to have the same level of confidentiality as your lawyer, doctor, or financial planner. As with those other professionals, you should feel safe and comfortable when meeting with your bail bond agent.Here at Associated Bail Bonds, we are very experienced and efficient at getting you or your loved one released on Bond quickly, efficiently, and in a dignified manner. Hopefully these FAQ's will help you get started:

How Bail Bonds Work

We understand the Bail Bond process can be confusing to say the least. The process of a Bail Bond is to acquire a persons release from jail for a fee set by the judiciary system. By taking that fee a Bondsman is insuring that the person (defendant) will appear in court on the date set by the system. Some Bail Agencies or Bondsman will lead you to believe that they have the “Lowest Rates Allowed by Law”, the fact is the fee of 10% of the set bond is the ONLY rate that can be charged and is set by the State of Indiana. It is illegal for a Bondsman to charge any more or any less , and cannot take a partial payment for the Bond.

How much do you charge for your services?

The cost, or premium, will be 10% of the total amount of the bond plus costs.

Do I get my premium back?

Bail bond premiums are non-refundable, as they are used for the bail agent’s expenses.

What is a bail bond indemnitor?

A bail bond indemnitor is the co-signer for the bail bond. The indemnitor is the person who typically provides the collateral and premium for the defendant.

What is collateral?

Collateral is used in order to ensure that the defendant appears in court. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond company has some leverage to convince friends, family or the defendant that the defendant needs to appear in court. As long as the defendant goes to court every time required, your collateral will be promptly returned.

What if the defendant fails to appear at his court date?

The court will issue a warrant and notify us of the failure to appear. We will assist you in either reinstating the bail with the court or surrendering the person back into custody. If we are unsuccessful, the court will demand the full amount of the bail.

How long does it take to get someone out of jail?

The paperwork takes approximately 30 minutes. The release time after the jail receives the bond is generally between 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on how busy the jail is.

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